The Railway

Tudor House and Railway History – Inseperable. . .

The Edwardian Station at bell Busk

The station in Edwardian times

The inspirational story of the survival of the Settle-Carlisle railway with it’s magnificent Ribblehead Viaduct is part of British lore these days, a true tale of rising from the ashes of the Beeching era.

Bell Busk was a thriving railway station on the Settle-Carlisle railway until closure in 1959. Until then Bell Busk was the nearest terminus to the wealthy farming and tourist villages of rural Malhamdale. The station would be bustling with freight and day trippers from and to the industrial towns of Yorkshire and the Midlands. After an exciting steam train ride to Bell Busk families would then walk picnic basket in hand the six miles to Malham Cove and it’s natural wonders.

Bell Busk Station, owned and operated by the Midland Railway Company, served the merchants of the Dale as the premier loading point for goods such as wool, milk, silk, leather and sheep.

Current Day Bell Busk and the Settle-Carlisle Railway. . .

Bell Busk Station is now Tudor House Bed & Breakfast, but the trains still pass by just as they did in the old days. They are much less frequent now as the Settle-Carlisle railway is no longer a main line from London to Scotland. Of course trains these days are powered by diesel engines, apart from the steam day-trips which do bring a flurry of excitement.

Bell Busk Station

The station looking North

Many guests do take the day-trip from Settle to Carlisle and enjoy the wonderful scenic journey. This journey includes the world famous Ribblehead Viaduct and England’s highest railway station, Dent at 1,150 feet above sea level. There is some freight traffic, sadly taking imported coal from Columbia and Poland. This coal arrives at Ayr docks, and travels to multiple power stations in the Midlands.

Inside, Tudor House is warm and tastefully decorated, There are railway artefacts on the walls including many related to when Tudor House was a railway station. There are Railway books to read, a video to watch, and compiled history journals charting the rise and fall of steam railways through the area.

All this makes Tudor House at Bell Busk a wonderful place to stay for those interested in the Railways. Even those who have no particular feelings are intrigued and fascinated by the history and charm of Tudor House in such quiet restful and idyllic surrounds.

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