The Garden

P1010309After more than 3 years of hard work, effort & creativity (not to mention the expense!), we have finally got Tudor HouseĀ on the inside looking pretty much as we would like. So this Spring ( yes we have has some amongst the rain, hail & frost) we have set about the garden to create some lovely areas to enjoy the beautiful tranquility and scenery that comes with our lovely home.

So with the help of local experts Dave & Phil we have created 3 separate areas for guests and family to enjoy the sunshine.P1010254

We found some amazing pieces of stone when clearing the platform area and we have recycled as much as we could and created a wonderful bench on the platform to sit on whilst you wave the trains by. A fire-pit on the platform ensures you will never get cold as you wave.

With a larger flatter piece we have created a unique coffee table in the front garden where you can enjoy stunning views across lower Malhamdale.

P1010311Finally the greenhouse made an eventful trip down to the allotment and recycled paving stones from the old platform have proved an ideal base for a new ‘garden lounge where the greenhouse used to be. So if a wooden bench is not for you there is a complete out door three piece suit to relax on with it’s own en suite bird table, so if you sit really still the you will get a great close up of the tremendous variety of birds in the garden. P1010316

We hope you can find the time and bring the right weather to enjoy the new facilities. See you soon.

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