Parking at Tudor House

If guests park with consideration for others there are 3 parking spaces by the front door at Tudor House.

tudor house reception

There is no need to obey the Highway Code and go round the turning circle in a clockwise direction! Just come up the drive and head straight for the front door and park where it says CAR PARK.

Alternatively, there are two spaces by the back door (outside the conservatory) but we usually use them. However, if we are out, please feel free to park here.

There is then the turning circle which, again if guest park considerately can accommodate up to 4 cars, but generally should only need to park 2.

Just park in front of the sign that says PARKING !

If the spaces by the front door have been taken by just 2 cars then it may mean putting 3 here with MAYBE a little shuffling to get the middle car out if they want to leave first, but nobody ever gets blacked in!!


How not to park

We have spent a lot of time & money making sure that pot holes are kept to a minimum and that the lawn and gardens are a pleasant environment to spend time in and that includes making the turning circle clearly visible and easy to navigate.

If you are not sure where to park, just come and ask us and not just park on the lawn.

Thank you.

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