Potential disruption.

We feel it only fair to warn guests that our near neighbours at 2 Station Cottages will shortly begin work on a large extension to their property, which will probably last most of the summer.

This may involve the passage of heavy construction traffic up and down our drive and some daytime noise.

We hope this will not affect us or our guests during the ‘busy’ times of check in/welcome afternoon tea or breakfast and we are working with our neighbours to minimise any inconvenience.

Meal Service Suspension

Due to family and other commitments we are sorry to say that we will be suspending or limiting our evening meal service on the following dates;

Fri 18 – Tues 22 March (suspended)

Thurs 5th – Monday 23 May (limited menu)

Breakfast Award

Breakfast WILL NOT be affected and the Full Monty will be available to all of our guests!

We trust this will not spoil your visit (booked or planned) to Tudor House and look forward to seeing you soon.

Yorkshire is open!

Despite some rumours to the contrary and what you may have seen or heard on the news, despite record amounts of rainfall this winter……………………………


It is true that its a bit wet under foot (!) but the waterfalls are just spectacular!

Winter is almost at an end, spring is just around the corner, so where else would you want to spend a few days hard earned R&R other than God’s own country – come on down!!!

It’s official – Tudor House is the best B&B in the Dales!

Well, as ‘official’ as it can be!

That’s because Trivago have done a ‘survey of surveys’ and amalgamated the views and reviews of over 190,000,000 (that’s 190 millions).

The results have been published as lists of ‘Top 20’s’ per region of the UK. Yorkshire and Humberside have been lumped in together as one region and the only B&B in the Skipton, Craven and Yorkshire Dales National Park area to appear is ….TUDOR HOUSE!

OS Map cover

We know there are countless top quality, award winning hotels and B&B’s in God’s Own Country, but this one surely has more relevance and provenance that any given the ‘judging panel’ and the ‘survey sample’.

It’s does not rely on the opinions of a few ‘experts’ in the business or on the thoughts of a few other hoteliers with their own vested interests, just the views of countless paying guests who have taken the time to leave their reflections on visits over a long period of time.

We couldn’t be more proud of the accolade and we hope look forward to welcoming guests both ‘old’ and new in 2016, remember as Fred Flintstone once said :

“it don’t get better dan dat!”

If only we had trusted the Germans with it!

You could have put your mortgage on it!

After months and years of waiting and over £4 million spent, the ‘re-launch’ of the iconic FLYING SCOTSMAN has been delayed!



Unfortunately they now say the first appearance of the old girl on the Ribblehead will now not be until July – what a shame!

Flying Scotsman – don’t miss it!

After this weekends preview of how the old girl looks, the Flying Scotsman will pull it’s first passengers since it’s extensive refit on a run over the iconic Ribblehead Viaduct on Sat 23 January.

She will be in Hellifield station to take on water on her way home for a great chance for steam enthusiasts to get a proper look at her.


Unfortunately she will not be passing Tudor House on her way home, but Hellifield station is only 3 miles down the road and we can give you all the inside info as to where to get the best view of her on the move.

We still have rooms available next weekend, so call us quickly to make sure you don’t miss this fantastic re birth of a railway legend.


Tudor House in TripAdvisor Hall of Fame!

We would just like to say thank you to all of the guests at Tudor House who have taken the time & trouble to leave reflections on their time here both on TripAdvisor and other ‘rating’ sites.

It has led to us receiving a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ in each of the last 5 years, which in turn this year has meant we have been inducted into the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

TA Hall of Fame

small-gold-84x105  Tudor House header

We are delighted to offer another first from Tudor House!

Our neighbours, the Moorhouse family have been

breeding prize winning dairy herds for many years

just across the Dale.

Until recently their milk went off to market in the big tankers you see roaming the Dales, until now!

They have now invested in technology and knowledge which has enabled them to launch:


a delicious low fat Icelandic style yoghurt with a thick creamy texture and we are delighted that Tudor House,

and therefore you are one of their very first customers!

It will be on sale soon in the local farm shop

but for the time being the only place you can get it is here!

Please let us know what you think and we will be sure to

pass on your comments, good or otherwise!

Merry Christmas from Tudor House

TH Winter 1

All of a sudden it is that time of year again! As I think we all feel it seems to come round quicker each year.

It has been a “steady” year at Tudor House, but after 4 years of hard work and development that’s as much as we could have hoped for now that all of the major upgrade work has been completed.

However, the cycle begins again in the New Year with the decorator booked for the first week of 2015 to refresh the whole of the ground floor area and then the plumber and decorator booked for April to give the outside a complete makeover ready for the “season”.

One thing that is very different for the beginning of 2015 from a year ago is Bob’s waistline!

Having had the weight watchers “epiphany” after a holiday in May, I was lucky enough to get recruited for a documentary being put together by the BBC and from a “screening day” in Media City Manchester in May, I am now some 30+kg lighter.

The goal for the first half of 2015 is to increase that loss by at least another 20kg and get below the magic 100kg weight for the first time in as long as I can remember.

To see how the first part was achieved keep an eye on BBC2 in the first couple of weeks of the New Year.

So, enjoy the turkey, the booze and all that goes with a fantastic Festive period, but don’t feel as guilty as I will in doing so, nor dread the onset of those New Year weight loss resolutions!


Christmas Present for mum & dad, grandma & granddad?

We understand that finding an appropriate Christmas Present for mum & dad or grandma & granddad is no easy task these days.Presents

For those that have most material things it is certainly memories that are most prized and cherished. And at Tudor House we really do try hard to make every guests stay with us memorable – that’s why we have been awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence for the last 5 years on the trot!

So, if you are stumped for that special Christmas Present, just drop us a line and we can sort out a short break at Tudor House in 2015 that will be a present that mum & dad, grandma & granddad or anybody else will remember long after those socks would have been thrown out.

We will send you a gift certificate to suit your needs and budget so that you can be sure to give your loved ones a Christmas Present they will never forget.TH Winter 1

Just give us a call on 01729 830301 and we can sort it out, and what more if you book a minimum 2 night stay as a present we will give you an extra night ABSOLUTELY FREE  if you come and stay with us in 2015 also!