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Merry Christmas from Tudor House

TH Winter 1

All of a sudden it is that time of year again! As I think we all feel it seems to come round quicker each year.

It has been a “steady” year at Tudor House, but after 4 years of hard work and development that’s as much as we could have hoped for now that all of the major upgrade work has been completed.

However, the cycle begins again in the New Year with the decorator booked for the first week of 2015 to refresh the whole of the ground floor area and then the plumber and decorator booked for April to give the outside a complete makeover ready for the “season”.

One thing that is very different for the beginning of 2015 from a year ago is Bob’s waistline!

Having had the weight watchers “epiphany” after a holiday in May, I was lucky enough to get recruited for a documentary being put together by the BBC and from a “screening day” in Media City Manchester in May, I am now some 30+kg lighter.

The goal for the first half of 2015 is to increase that loss by at least another 20kg and get below the magic 100kg weight for the first time in as long as I can remember.

To see how the first part was achieved keep an eye on BBC2 in the first couple of weeks of the New Year.

So, enjoy the turkey, the booze and all that goes with a fantastic Festive period, but don’t feel as guilty as I will in doing so, nor dread the onset of those New Year weight loss resolutions!


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