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Cycle Tourism

Further to some documentation that I received from my local “Tourist Board” that claimed:

“Cycle tourists are generally good spenders”,

I have been trying to engage them in debate over the issue, so far to little effect.

I have quite some amount of anecdotal evidence of my own but would welcome comment that any tourism based businesses might have on the subject.

If you own or manage a B&B’, guest house, bunk barn, tea shop, farm shop or any other commercial business that has “cycle tourists” amongst your clients please feel free to comment.

One Response to Cycle Tourism

  1. Susan Briggs 26 June 2014 at 12:11 #

    1. I think YDNPA and local authorities are doing their own research at the moment/over TDF to look at actual spend by cyclists and the benefits of TDF

    2. I’ve not seen or heard a lot of evidence that cycle tourists are big spenders (mainly day visitors, overnight stays tend to be limited to one night, “serious” cycling clubs don’t stop for big pub lunches)

    3. However, there are clearly MORE cyclists on the roads so we’re getting more visitors, even if spend tends to be lower than some other visitors. The less keen cyclists who come for social cycling are more likely to spend at pubs etc..

    4. Business is obviously very good now for some bike-related Dales businesses – others will need to find another niche to benefit from the raised profile.

    5. TDF definitely raising the profile of Yorkshire/the Dales – hopefully generating strong interest in visits in the future

    6. Significant numbers of businesses reporting “displacement” effects e.g. regular visitors not coming at the moment because they fear too busy – but hopefully they’ll come back.

    7. Whatever the merits of cycling tourism (not my specialist area), profile raising is good, additional visitors are good – but we do need to target higher spending visitors and to focus on the visitors we REALLY want, not just the ones we’re getting. I’m working on plans for this at the moment, ready to tell everyone immediately after TDF!

    In summary,
    anything that raises the positive profile of our great area is fantastic,
    we must still put out other carefully targeted messages (failing to do that at the moment)
    we need to ensure those who are not interested in cycling aren’t put off by the very cycle-heavy current messages
    we need to actually show all the wonderful things we have to offer, to build on the profile,
    we need focused, local activity to promote the Yorkshire Dales – am working on this
    we must not think the TDF/Cycling tourism will solve all our problems – it won’t – and we mustn’t let it distract us from other activities.
    The TDF has been a great catalyst for much fantastic activity. Now it’s time to stand back and let cycling tourism happen and to use our energies to look at which other higher spending visitors we can target and attract.

    Not sure if that answers your question, but it is important to debate/look at options and information, and I’m not sure where/how that can happen at the moment.


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