Am I stupid…………………

or have they not got a credible answer?

On 28th September I published the following open letter on my web site and then posted links to it via Face Book, Twitter etc as well as e-mailing it direct to Mr Osborne, Mr Balls, Mr Cable and others asking for comments, observations or explanation.

A copy was also sent to my Business Manager at the bank.

I have had it re-posted/re tweeted by a number of people and gained a number of supportive remarks many from people who have a much greater understanding of the banking/finance industry than I do, all of whom seem to agree with the point I am making.

To date I have secured a meeting with my local MP at his next surgery (26th October) and had a standard ‘holding letter’ from my bank inviting me to re contact them in 4 weeks if I haven’t received a detailed response.

I have had nothing from anybody else.

I know all of these are busy people, but I thought we lived in am open society whereby questions can be asked and answers given? It is simply good manners to at least acknowledge receipt – my bank has at least done that.

Why do all of these people publish e-mail addresses, Twitter accounts etc if they have no intention of actually replying to anybody who takes the time & trouble to find them and use them?

I will not give up until somebody explains to me that they think a 1300% mark up is reasonable and that £10,000+  profit on sales of just over £11,000 is defensible.

I look forward to my meeting with Mr Julian Smith and am interested to see if he can get me any further is seeking a reply.

I have had a journalist take up my search for an answer and will publish links to his article when I have them, but intend to keep trying all/every other avenue open to me to get Mr Osborne to tell me my analysis is wrong or change the rules with the banks.

If you think I have a case I would be grateful if you would forward the letter to anyone you think might help and re-post/re tweet if you can.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.


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