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TH goes digital

With many thanks to Roger Burkitt for his advice & expertise, we have now been able to realise the full potential of the new TV/DVD’s we have installed in all of our rooms.

This is because Roger has hooked us up to a digital transmitter andthe FREEVIEW facility in each of the new TV’s is delivering up to 103 channels (inc some radio channels), Not all are perfect as the signal isn’t as strong as it might be, but the picture quality is improved as is of course the selection of channel available.

We have also hooked up with “My Local Weather” and instead of a print out on the notice board each morning, we now have a web page that automatically updated every 10 seconds in the hall – so no excuse for not knowing what the local weather is doing.

In the coming months we hope to find a way of siting a weather station in Malhamdale so the information will be even more accurate.

Bring on the 21st century!!!

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