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This old dog (Bob, not Sheila!) is slowly learning a few new tricks regarding this t’internet lark, as you can hopefully see from our new web site.

Most of the work has been done by Ian at Octavian, but he is also trying to make us a little more self sufficient in terms of keeping the site up to date and keeping our friends & guests up to date with whats happening at TH.

Thus, we are now trying to mail everybody that wants to be about once a month with news, views and information as well as using this kind of ‘post’. If you want to become part of this exclusive group please do use the sign up form on the new site. If it all gets too mundane you can always unsubscribe and you’ll be taken off the list immediately!

Similarly you can follow us now on both TWITTER and FACEBOOK and again the links below & on the home page will help you find us.

For those of you that do not get our e-mails (yet!), we do offer an incentive to open and read them and to encourage you to sign up here is what we offered in our last mail. Tell us what “PAGANUM” means (e mail answer or call) and from all those correct entries received we will draw a winner to receive a complete “BREAKFAST BOX” from Chris at Paganum Foods. Not surprisingly the answer can be found on his web site!!!

Enjoy the new site and please feel free to play along by using the comment and reply forms on the site – it would be nice to hear from you!

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